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Many businesses have a particularly tough time with IT. Most can’t afford to have experienced senior IT people on staff. Those who go at it alone often find themselves struggling to keep up with the flood of new technologies and may not feel confident selecting new products, building and maintaining networks or negotiating IT contracts.

Founded in 2005, focusing on the Small to Medium business market, we found a requirement for enterprise level support at small business rates!

We pride ourselves on being trustworthy and knowledgeable, always learning and staying current with latest innovations in the IT market.

President and CEO

Jamie Larabie has over 27 years’ experience in the Information Technology area. In January 2005 he founded LARA-TECH, specializing in delivering enterprise level support and assessments to companies and organizations.

Prior to LARA-TECH, Jamie held the position of VP of Network Operations at ZIM Technologies. Previous to this he has held a number of senior IT management roles at Corel Corp., and McDonnell Douglas.